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My personal place, where I think out loud.

I'm a nerd by birth, and programmer by choice; Fascinated by technical details and state of the art technologies. I love Computers, Books, Physics, Music, and of course Coffee.

I write about my thoughts and experiences. The views expressed here are mine; I'm only a human and not prone to mistakes. If you're interested in my work, feel free to contact me to have a friendly chat Or share your thoughts with me via email.

 Bulma CSS Framework
— When to use and when not

Sometimes perfection isn't your #1 priority, you just want to get started and get things done; It's OK! Sometimes!

That's why I chose Bulma CSS Framework for my website. Bulma is great framework. In my opinion, far better than Bootstrap and Foundation. I will definitely use it again for future …

 Will Rust replace C?
— I sure as hell hope not!

We recently had a long discussion on Dev Heroes Club about whether Rust will replace C in kernel development, considering its speed and efficiency and how fast it's growing.

Like any other nerd, I like to try new things first-hand, so I already had some experience with Rust, while C …

 Executable size of different compilers
— A comparison of different programming languages' output

Usually when we compare Programming Languages, we tend to compare their speed and working environment, then we may put their community and library availability into account; But rarely compare different Languages or Compilers on their execution size, unless it's a matter of Kernel Development or Embedded Systems.

Here I'd like …

 Alexa Monitor Documents
— You can't write a beginner-friendly project without documents

As usual, every project starts with a try-and-fail phase; In other words: little-to-no comment and rapid change in the code-base. But now, I have a solid ground to work on, so spent some time writing comments and found an amazing tool to build a pretty nice api-doc.

I used a …

 Alexa Monitor
— A beginner friendly Clojure app

I was experimenting with some Clojure libraries and decided to write a simple web crawler, one thing led to another and now, I think it would be a good opportunity to make it public and help new Clojure programmers take their first steps by contributing to it.

It's not gonna …

 Dark Template
— How to do it and what to avoid.

Embrace the darkness

Designing a beautiful template is always a struggle, but when it comes to dark design you need to be extra careful. Many small things can totally ruin your masterpiece.

These are the techniques that I've used to create this website and since I received pretty good feedbacks …

 Signing WebPages
— Signing HTML documents using PGP.

A while ago, I shared my PGP key with you, "for more secure connections in future"; And I'm glad to announce that all HTML pages of this website are now signed by my PGP key.

Of course web-browsers are not built for this, I don't know any web-browser that can …

 Decentralized Security
— Why I Love PGP.

At the very beginning, internet was built for decentralization. OK, maybe not! But they designed the protocol for two computer to communicate with each other; No centralized server in between! This is what happened the first time two computer were connected using what we now call "Internet Protocol".

So decentralized …

 Quantum Computing
— Is this an evolution?

A short history of quantum computers

Quantum computing is a -relatively- new buzz-word. If you have followed news, it seems like we reached "Quantum supremacy", but is it true? Are quantum computers here to take over? Should we all expect a new paradigm shift? Is this the next industrial revolution …

 Hello world!
— From pouyacode.net

The first blog post

If you want me to name one thing that's more difficult than programming, I'd say writing a blog post. Over the past few years, I built and rebuilt this blog many times using many blogging systems, crafting it for perfection, but not even once I could …